Jennifer MacNeil Photography | Digital Dark Room Services

I am happy to help out with any digital editing needs.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
For samples of what is discussed below, please see the attached video.

Digital Dark Room Services:

I offer retouching services to remove facial blemishes, stray hair, misplaced straps, etc.   This is an additional service with an average fee of $10/image.  I reserve the right to alter this fee if the retouching is extensive or involves several people in the image.

Color Pop:
Make your image more dramatic!  I can turn most of the image black and white and just color pop one item, or one color theme.  Check out the samples in the attached video.  Service fee is $10 per image.

Black and White / Sepia:
Some images are just made to be viewed in black and white.  It can change the whole look of the picture.   I offer digital dark room services to alter images to black and white / sepia at $1/image; $25/All Images 45 minute session; $50/All Images 90 minute session.

Advanced Artistic Dark Room:
If you have an interest in making your images more artistic with post editing blurs, filters, vignetting, etc.,  I would love to do that for you!  Simply review your gallery and decide which images would make good candidates.  I am also happy to explain to you which ones I feel would be good choices and why.  The service fee averages $10/image, but is subject to change according to the amount of time needed to work with the image.