I have been a photographer my whole life. I love capturing moments and sharing them with others.

When I decided to start a photography business in 2009, I knew I wanted the focus to be on preserving real life and all the beauty and imperfections that go along with it. The innocence in children's faces and the complexities of relationships inspire me. I want to observe them, photograph them and hand them to you to enjoy. My goal is to freeze a real and natural glimpse of you, your children, or your event.

I have had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of families in the past ten+ years and it has only made me enjoy photography all the more. Many of my clients come back yearly for their family portrait to be used on their holiday card or gift for a family or friend. Some of my clients, especially those with young children, meet with me several times during the year to capture milestones of just how fast their children are growing and changing. Then there's the special energy of my senior yearbook portraits, the accomplishment of getting to where they are...the excitement of beginning a new part of their life.

I look forward to each and every shoot...and I treat each one uniquely.

My style is candid and relaxed. My studio is on location outdoors - your yard, a park, the local beach. Whatever environment makes you feel the most comfortable makes for the best photos. I feel natural outdoor lighting is the most complimentary.

I would love the opportunity to photograph you. Please contact me to set up an appointment.


Special thanks to my son Ben, for taking this photo of me. :)

People ask me what scheduling software I use...It is Acuity Scheduling...and I highly recommend it!