What Should You Expect? 

  • To have fun!
  • To let go of worrying about any of the details. 
  • That you will get GREAT digital images!

What You Should Do:
Call me (774-258-0280) or email ([email protected]) to start making plans for your photography session.  During our call we will set up the where, when, what to wear, what to bring type items.  I am even happy to Skype/Facetime with you ahead of time if you want to hold up outfits, props, show hair styles, etc.  We will get it all worked out ahead so the day of your appointment you are relaxed!

The Day Before Your Appointment:
I will email you to confirm that all questions are answered and that you know exactly where to meet me.

The Day of the Appointment:
Please arrive 10 minutes early.  I work very hard at keeping myself on time.  I schedule my appointments back to back with just enough travel time factored in.  If you are late, your session will still end at the time it was scheduled to end. 

At the start of our session, I will collect the balance of your sitting fee payment. 
You can bring this payment in cash or a check made out to "Jennifer MacNeil Photography".

Two Weeks from the Time of Your Shoot:
You will receive an email from me with a password and a link to your online gallery.


Please Note: I only keep your digital images on file for 6 months. 
So, I suggest backing up your digital images from your computer hard drive so that you have a back up copy on hand.